Cambridge, 19th December 2018.  At the recent China Screen Printing & Graphic Imaging Association (CSGIA) Exhibition 2018, Guangzhou XuCheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. showcased its new printer series which uses Xaar 1201 printheads. On the stand XuCheng exhibited two UV flatbed printers – X6-1610XUV and X6-2613XUV –  and its newly developed dye-sublimation series – X6-1804XS (a four printhead machine) and X6-1808XS (an eight printhead machine).  The product range demonstrates the excellent print quality and versatility of the Xaar 1201.

The Xaar 1201 is a Thin Film Piezo Silicon Micro Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS) technology printhead with 1280 nozzles and a capability to print up to 1440 dpi resolution. It is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including graphics, textiles and industrial applications and is compatible with a range of fluids such as UV, dye sublimation, eco-solvent and aqueous inks.



“The Xaar 1201 is vital to our new series of printers exhibited at the CSGIA 2018,” explains James Zhao, General Manager at XuCheng. “We are very happy that the Xaar 1201 delivers reliable, high-quality printing and its ink compatibility allows us to better meet customer needs, helping to accelerate product development, reduce time-to-market, and create more business opportunities.”

“XuCheng’s range of printers launched at CSGIA 2018, including UV flatbed printers and dye-sub printers, is evidence not only of their high confidence in our Xaar 1201 printhead but of the versatility of the products to meet the demands of multiple market sectors,” comments Simon Kirk, Senior Product Manager at Xaar.