Protective Windows for Materials Processing Applications

Available in Various Diameters, Thicknesses and Substrate Materials

Protection windows are the final optic in the beam path before the work piece.  Their primary function is to protect the other high quality laser optics further up the beam path from material splatter during cutting, welding and engraving.  For this reason protection windows are regarded as consumables, having a reduced lifetime due to contact with contaminants.  Protection windows are offered relatively inexpensively, with lesser demand on surface figure and surface quality than the lenses and mirrors used elsewhere in the system.  These parts will come as standard with an anti-reflection coating for the primary laser wavelength, and upon request can also be AR coated for the visible pilot laser wavelength. 

A number of diameters, thicknesses, and substrate materials are available as standard.

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Photonex Glasgow, June 05, 2019, University of Strathclyde, Booth G25

ECOC 2019, September 23  – 25, 2019, Royal Dublin Showground, Dublin, Booth 337

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