HRS Heat Exchangers – CHEMUK 2019 Preview

At CHEMUK 2019 Stand F10, HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase its SI Series of multi-tube heat exchangers, which includes a double tubeplate to aid leak detection and prevent cross-contamination between the service fluid and product.

Whether you are processing fine chemicals or treating complex waste streams, every part of the process needs to be reliable, and heat exchangers are no exception. From heating process materials to evaporation during waste treatment processes, HRS Heat Exchangers uses only the toughest materials – such as stainless steel, Teflon and PEEK – and the most robust designs.

HRS’ heat exchangers are designed to be resistant to corrosion and fouling, while operating at a wide range of temperatures. We provide a large range of models for fine chemical processing and solvent recovery, petrochemical and waste treatment, as well as the cleaning and recovery of process water and waste streams.