New hygiene stations from IWM

Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has launched a comprehensive range of hygiene stations that are ideal for use in the food manufacturing and packaging, brewery, bakery, confectionery and pharmaceuticals sectors. The range includes hand sanitising stations, boot wash equipment, combination products that offer both hand sanitising and boot washing functionality, boot driers and drying racks.

IWM’s new hand sanitising stations have been designed to significantly reduce the risk of introducing contamination into production areas. The range extends from single-user wash basins to special-purpose sinks with knee or sensor operation.  The new boot and shoe washer and disinfection stations range from simple manual versions to sophisticated walk-through models with multiple brushes, automatic chemical dispensing and access control options.

To help ensure the highest levels of hygiene are maintained in demanding applications, IWM offers sensor-operated combined hand wash and disinfection stations with access control turnstiles. These are manufactured from stainless steel and feature automated chemical dosing and dispensing. In addition, advanced models monitor the user’s actions, allowing them to exit only when they have completed the prescribed washing and disinfection sequence.

Single- and two-sided driers for working footwear are also on offer. Equipped with 2 kW heaters, these machines use hot ozone-enriched air and drying temperatures of up to 32 degrees Celsius to achieve drying times of between two and six hours. The temperature control and time delay functions available on selected models give users the flexibility to pre-program and schedule operation for the maximum convenience.

To complement its washing, sanitising and drying machines, IWM can supply shoe and apron disinfecting racks in a multitude of dimensions to make best use of available floor space.