Keeping it flowing this winter.

With over 20 years in the metering industry, we have compiled our top tips to keep your pipes flowing this winter – Good to flow!

During the winter month’s frost can cause havoc for home & business owner’s alike, frozen pipes slowing heating systems down costs TIME and MONEY. But… there is another way!

Installing a glycol tolerant heat meter can prevent frozen pipes and systems. For almost 20 years DMS have been supplying the only fully glycol tolerant heat meter, the Sontex Superstatic! This range of heat meters has also been selected by OFGEM to support the MMSP packages and HIU installations in the UK due to its glycol tolerance and its static measurement principle. Unlike mechanical and ultrasonic meters, the Superstatic’s use a fluidic oscillation principle, the same principle that was developed by NASA.

So, what are the benefits of using a Superstatic Meter?

No moving parts – this means a much longer life, with no wear and tear.

Lower maintenance costs – once the Superstatic is installed the calibration (10 yearly) can be done by simply removing the head – no need to replace the whole meter!

Glycol tolerant – the Superstatic’s are safe to use with over 100 glycols

Our top tips!

  • Maintain a constant temperature
  • Keep the faucet running if the building is vacant for a prolonged period
  • Use a Glycol tolerant Heating System – The Sontex Superstatic range is the ONLY fully Glycol tolerant Heat Meter
  • Insulate pipework for extra protection

The Sontex Superstatic range can be used of a large number of different applications, such as;

Solar Thermal, MMSP, GSGP, HIU, ASHP, RHI, Heat Pump, Biomass, Domestic, Industrial/commercial

The Sontex Meters are available with the option of adding M-BUS outputs*, Battery or mains power supply and are all MID Approved. All of the Sontex Superstatic Heat Meters are RHI approved and are also stocked for next day delivery from DMS. Sontex meters are available in sizes from DN15 to DN250 (DN350 & DN500 are available upon special request)

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