Multicar is a versatile monorail system manufactured in Germany by Telelift GmbH and supplied, installed and maintained in the UK by Quirepace Ltd.

A Multicar installation consists of a network of track, which can be linked by switches (points) enabling complex layouts to be configured. Trolleys operate autonomously on the track network carrying diverse payloads from and to wherever they are required. What makes Multicar unique as a monorail system is the ability to travel both horizontally and vertically (and any gradient in between). When travelling horizontally, trolleys are driven by friction engagement ensuring a safe system that avoids trapping and crushing hazards, and when travelling vertically a rack and pinion system is engaged.

Multicar trolleys have a load mounting point on to which various configurations of load handling device can be mounted. As the trolley travels along the track, the orientation of the payload is maintained either by gravity or by dynamic positioning. The maximum payload, including the load handling device is typically around 45kg. The trolleys are provided with both power and I/O to interface with active load handling equipment mounted on the trolley.

A Multicar track network can have as many active trolleys as are required to meet the demand throughput. Each transaction may be initiated either through an HMI or via interconnection to SCADA and WMS systems. A central visualization controller provides an interface for management interrogation and control.

In the past, Multicar has only been available with a single control architecture allowing construction of large networks suitable for installation across all manufacturing facilities. The latest development (Multicar-P) provides a stripped down configuration replacing powerful, touch-screen equipped controllers and HMI with a simpler control module and push-button transaction initiation. Designed for straightforward point to point applications, or transport between small numbers of stations, Multicar-P makes the equipment accessible for simpler projects with smaller investment budgets. Multicar-P delivers the same flexibility as the full system, with trolleys able to transport payloads between floors, or up and over other production facilities, and the basic control system can be upgraded and extended at any time should circumstances require.

By collecting and delivering payloads right where required, and having the capability to route up and away, keeping floor and access areas clear, Multicar offers unique benefits to difficult intralogistics challenges.

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