The UT Gauge Designed for Engineers Working at Height

Cygnus Instruments Ltd has been a leading global manufacturer of both surface-based and underwater ultrasonic thickness gauges since 1983.

The UK based company is the proud pioneer of the multiple-echo measuring technique – which has long been an industry standard for through coating measurement of material thickness.  Cygnus thrives on developing a product range that is application-driven and user-focused.

The latest range of Cygnus MK5 gauges have been tested to rigorous military specification; these gauges can withstand drops from height (onto concrete), extreme vibrations and extreme temperatures.  The units are also completely environmentally sealed to IPX7 (water) and IP6X (dust).

Included in the Cygnus MK5 range, the Cygnus 2+ features a high durability end-mounted rotatable LCD display, designed specifically for Engineers who are required to perform inspections using rope access or other working at height (monitoring infrastructure, ship hull ultrasonic thickness surveys, lamp posts inspection, etc.).

As well as the multiple-echo measuring technique used for measuring through coatings up to 20mm thick, the Cygnus 2+ also incorporates the echo-echo and single-echo measuring modes for use with a range of twin crystal (dual element) probes. These modes are suited to applications where very heavy corrosion is found: echo-echo mode can measure through coatings up to 1mm thick and is ideal for measuring painted metals with back wall corrosion; single-echo will measure in areas of extremely heavy corrosion on uncoated metals (ideal for applications such as pilings and piers).

Another key feature of the Cygnus MK5 range is the Measurement Stability Indicator (MSI™) which verifies stable and reliable readings in single-echo and echo-echo modes.

The Cygnus concept is entirely geared towards being compact, rugged and easy to use.  Alongside a highly intuitive menu and very simple calibration, the gauge body has been cleverly designed to be both highly ergonomic and completely drop proof.

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