A new supplier for an old favourite @JETPRESSLimited

Heyco cable and hose management products now available from JET PRESS.

Heyco, the US based manufacturer of cable and hose management products since the 1920’s started the search for an additional UK and Europe distributor in 2017. They know their reputation for quality depends not just on the performance of their products but on distributors who understand the needs of customers and provide a totally reliable service.

So JET PRESS was very pleased to be selected as a distributor in 2018.

For core products JET PRESS offers a rapid turnaround ordering service and all the products in the Heyco catalogue are available through JET PRESS. Perhaps more importantly for many potential customers, JET PRESS not only has engineering resources in-house to support customers, they also have access to the significant design, engineering and prototyping resources of the Heyco plant in New Jersey. JET PRESS is currently working with Heyco on a series of bespoke parts destined for use in a complex electronic component for a luxury car manufacturer.

Why cable management matters

Engineers understand the value of good cable management; a single failure in an electrical, data or signalling cable can lead to failure of the device or of an entire system. But it is important to strike the right balance, specifying something that has all the right performance criteria without adding unnecessary weight, cost or introducing manufacturing issues.

Heyco specialise in products for automotive and electrical appliances. Vehicles move so there is always a requirement for varying levels of strain relief. However domestic appliances vary considerably. A fridge freezer gets moved maybe twice a year; by comparison a toaster is moved around all the time. The people at a well-known electrical goods brand   ̶  famous for their toasters  ̶  are reputed to whirl them around their head to test the cable fixture! And yes, they use Heyco components.

Benefits beyond the finished product

The huge experience Heyco has of working closely with customers mean they understand manufacturing demands. For instance, their bushings only require finger pressure to install. This means operatives can work swiftly and there is less chance they will develop Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) with consequent disruption and costs for the manufacturer.

The bushings also lock in fractional increments so they fit snugly into the aperture and there is a small amount of tolerance to the panel thickness, though of course they are all available in a wide range of sizes.

The core range from JET PRESS

All the core products are made from industry standard Nylon 6/6, have a flammability rating of 94v-2 and a temperature range -18°C to 105°C. Because they are US manufactured they are recognised under the Component Program of the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) and by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). These are recognised around the world as some of the highest quality standards.

Core products include a range of Bushings including Strain Relief Bushings along with Dome and Vent Plugs. Details of all the core products are on the JET PRESS website.

JET PRESS is happy to supply samples or take your orders for core items and anything else from the Heyco catalogue. They are particularly happy to hear from anyone with challenges  ̶  the JET PRESS engineering team and the Heyco R&D people really enjoy cracking a tough problem.

Call: +44 1623 551800