Unlike many alternative systems, adiabatic coolers from leading innovator, Transtherm, do not require ongoing chemical treatment or registration with local authorities.

Ideal for sensitive sites such as hospitals, universities, shopping centres and challenging industrial environments, this range holds pre-approval from the Biological Agents Unit of the British Health and Safety Executive stating that they carry low Legionella risk. It makes them a cost effective and safe alternative to many hybrid systems and traditional cooling towers.

Designed specifically to offer market leading water efficiency, as well as electrical efficiency, these systems typically consume only 1% of the water used by traditional cooling towers and approximately 2% of that used by wetted surface hybrid dry coolers. Additionally, the Transtherm range automatically employs a pulsed adiabatic spray operation to minimise water usage.

Transtherm’s adiabatic systems offer a single unit heat load capacity of between 10Kw and 3,160Kw and incorporate all necessary safety and operation features to give safe plug and play use. These include a UV system which is 99.999+% effective at killing all known strains of legionella bacteria and control inter-locks for spray, vent, drain and system shutdown cycles.

Intelligent features for maximum operational efficiencies

Using a digital air thermostat, Transtherm’s adiabatic systems identify when the ambient air temperature is cool enough to achieve the desired process water temperature through free cooling. An integrated drain down function is triggered to empty the system of water, refilling it with a pre-programmed pre-purge function only when the ambient air temperature increases above the adiabatic trigger point.

Once the adiabatic trigger point is reached, the system will only pulse for as long as necessary in order to maintain the required process water temperature. Only when the maximum design dry bulb temperature is reached will the system operate continuously.

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