World’s Fastest 640 x 512 IR Camera Now Available Through UK Distributor

Thermal Vision Research’s introduction of the FLIR’s X6900sc to the UK, presents  new opportunity for high speed R&D community.

Camera manufacturer FLIR and Thermal Vision Research (TVR), are now able to supply the FLIR X6900sc, the world’s fastest commercial infrared camera at a full 640 x 512 resolution, direct to the UK market.

Developed by FLIR, the X6900sc blends all the features of a high speed visible camera with FLIR’s advanced thermal camera technology, to produce an extremely fast frame rate of 1,000 frames per second, at temperatures up to 3000oC, as well as superior resolution and sensitivity. (View a demonstration here.)

The FLIR X6900sc is a highly sensitive MWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers and engineers. With advanced triggering, on-camera RAM/SSD recording and a four-position motorised filter wheel, this camera offers the functionality to stop motion on high speed events, whether in a research lab, or at a testing facility.

Matthew Clavey, Director of TVR, said: “The FLIR X6900sc is without doubt one of the most exciting cameras I’ve ever worked with – it raises the bar on high speed thermal imaging, worldwide.

“The market opportunities for this camera are immense. Across R&D departments there are infinite requirements for measuring temperatures on fast-moving or fast-heating components. With the X6900 scientists and engineers can now achieve a superior level of analysis, opening new avenues for further research and discovery.”

Suitable applications for the X6900sc range from ballistic testing to chemical interactions, car crash tests to air friction in aviation. Briefly its features are:

  • High speed, high sensitivity: Captures 640 x 512 images at 1,000 frames per second, making it the world’s fastest full-resolution, commercially-available thermal camera
  • On-camera streaming or digital recording: Save up to 26,000 frames of full resolution data to on-camera RAM with a guarantee of no dropped frames
  • Advances filtering options: Incorporates an easy access, four-position motorised filter wheel that allows filter exchange in any environment and features automatic filter recognition.

Matthew continued: “This is the first time the UK has had full access to FLIR’s X6900 sc. With sample products now available, users can explore and understand the camera’s capabilities within their own research environment, before committing to purchase. Or as another option, the system is available for hire for the first time in the UK – and with a trained operator included in the package, our customers can be assured of capturing the best possible images.”

TVR offers full training on the X6900 as well as ongoing help and advice to ensure users feel fully proficient in using their camera.

Prices for the FLIR X6900sc system start at around £120,000. For further details, call 0333 200 4667 or visit