Photodigm Shifts to Extended Mode-Hop-Free Performance! – DBR Lasers

LASER COMPONENTS is glad to share with you the awarded US patents from our suppliers Photodigm, for their inventions related to extend the mode-hop-free spectral tuning range of their precision single frequency DBR lasers.

DBR lasers operate on the single longitudinal mode with the highest gain selected by the Bragg grating. A conventional DBR laser will normally exhibit a continuous, deterministic tuning range of up to 0.2nm before hopping to another mode. While this is sufficient for many applications, others require a wider continuous tuning range.

The recent patents from Photodigm cover design and manufacturing advances that extend the continuous tuning ranges from threshold to max rated power without a mode hop, the broadest deterministic tuning range of any monolithic laser diode.

Applications for the extended-mode-hop-free (EMHF) spectral range DBRs include spectroscopy, low noise pumping, LiDAR, and quantum information sources.

We are currently offering the EMHF configuration across our near-IR wavelength product range.

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