Working under cleanroom conditions has largely become the industry standard in the fields of electrical and medical technology as well as in the pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries. Due to the increased use of microelectronics in the automotive sector and the resulting rise in demands for technical cleanliness, cleanrooms are also set to become more common throughout the automobile industry and its suppliers in the future.

In a cleanroom environment, constructions such as machine frames, protective device guards, workstations or work platforms must meet the relevant requirements of the room’s cleanliness class. To meet these requirements, mk offers a comprehensive portfolio of cleanroom profiles and corresponding accessories.

Aluminium cleanroom profiles

mk cleanroom profiles feature a smooth, flat surface that prevents dirt from accumulating. The typical mk edge radius of just 1 mm ensures smooth connections between profiles, with virtually no gaps or spaces. Thanks to its clean, smooth design, a construction made of cleanroom profiles has the added advantage of having a high-quality, attractive appearance.

A range of profiles are available with one to four closed sides and rectangular cross sections of 40 x 40, 40 x 80, 80 x 80 and 50 x 50 mm, as well as two round profiles with a diameter of either 28 mm or 40 mm.

Traditionally, the open system slot is one of the most important product features in aluminium profile technology. It gives engineers the necessary flexibility to construct an infinitely adjustable profile frame. In cleanroom profiles this slot is closed, but it can be partially or fully opened if needed. The opened slot can then be used to attach connecting elements or to mount other attachments.

Connecting elements

In order to ensure proper cleanroom-standard connections between profiles, a connection must be created with as few obstructing contours as possible. It must be easy to clean properly with no unnecessary edges or corners where particles might accumulate.

The mk cleanroom fastener is the perfect component for this job. It is made of stainless steel and connects Series 40 cleanroom profile components cleanly without any twisting.

Likewise, the tension plug with thrust part is also suitable for use in a cleanroom as it does not need to be inserted into the face of a profile.

Closure strips and end caps

As an alternative to cleanroom profiles or as a retrofit solution, the system slot of a standard profile can also be sealed with closure strips. This also acts to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Plastic end caps are used to seal the face of a profile. The end cap is fastened to the profile simply by inserting it into the end, thus creating a clean closure and an attractive appearance.