AlphaGeo Partner with Stonex to Provide Specialist Survey Solutions for Civil Engineering Projects

AlphaGeo is the sales brand of Geo-4D, providing equipment and software for survey applications, including professional fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones, sensors, survey equipment and software.

AlphaGeo has partnered with Stonex to provide specialist survey solutions for multiple applications. Stonex has headquarters in Milan, Italy, and is the world leading company providing bespoke automated machine positioning and control, with over 80 qualified distributors worldwide.

Using a combination of GNSS receivers, a control box and user-friendly software on a ruggedised tablet, STX-SUITE solutions can be used to guide your work and implement automated workflows in line with your project requirements. Equipment can be easily integrated into third-party systems to improve productivity and efficiency.

Stonex Special Projects are solutions designed to facilitate field work in multiple sectors, including:

  • Piling on construction sites
  • Piling on solar farms
  • Construction excavator machine control
  • Installation of safety barriers
  • Installation of fence posts
  • Installation of agricultural polytunnels
  • Agricultural planting
  • Marine rock placement
  • Marine dredging
  • Tunneling (using a robotic total station instead of GPS for positioning control)

Example Case Studies:

STX-SUITE – Guard Rail

Survey information is uploaded to the field tablet in advance of site operations, and the safety barrier stake positions are determined based on slope distance. On-site the operator manually drives the rig towards the stake location until the drill head is within 40cm. Stonex control is then enabled, which automatically controls the rig hydraulics to position the drill head within 1cm of the proposed stake location. The operator then places the stake in to the guide and the hydraulic hammer drives the stake in to the ground to the required height. The next pile position is then automatically selected.

STX-SUITE – Solar Farm

The double GNSS receiver system installed on the pile driver machine enables orientation and guidance direction for the machine via the STX SUITE software. When within 40cm of the proposed position the Stonex control is enabled, which automatically positions the hydraulic hammer within 1cm of the proposed stake location, and the guiding elements turn green. A biaxial inclinometer ensures the vertical position of the mast during the driving process.

​AlphaGeo offers flexible, high-performance positioning systems to meet the unique requirements of land and marine projects, however complex.

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