Protecting Industrial Engines & Equipment From the “Start”

In today’s economy, the skyrocketing costs of industrial equipment purchase, maintenance and repair makes the case for maximizing the life of capital machinery investment. Couple high cost with the stresses of continuous-duty industry and the importance of equipment performance is paramount when time is money and money is time!

Protecting your engine from the “start” is key. Because serious damage can occur prior to cranking of an engine at “dry start” and at start up; industrial prelube and starting systems are the first and most important aspects to effective preventative maintenance helping to ensure the life of your investment.

All large engines can benefit from engine oil prelube. Adding a prelube system to an industrial engine can prevent engine failure and critical wear by moving oil from the sump up into the bearing lubrication channels before the engine turns at startup; ensuring the bearings never see movement without critical oil protection. It has been scientifically proven that 90% of the wear an engine sees during its lifetime is between the time the engine begins to turn at startup and the time when fresh oil from the sump reaches moving parts. Before the critical parts of an engine begin to move, a prelube pump puts the oil where it is needed reducing this high-wear period!

At start up, a quality starter can increase engine performance and provide the all-important peace of mind relying on the engine turning over the first crank! It’s important to have a starter that is pre-engaged, gas sealed with vanes made of high-tech material reducing wear and allowing operation with or without lubrication, built with non-ferrous cylinders that will not corrode and freeze up like cast iron, have separate drive inserts, are easy to maintain/repair and are designed for maximum mounting flexibility.

+ ESE bv, a Quality First industrial distributor, who has been in the European market since 1975 offers an extensive background in fluid and gas products. As the distributor for Varna prelube /control systems and POW R Quik heavy duty engine starters they are ready to discuss an application and quotation of a prelube and/or starting system contact ESE today at [email protected]