Accelerometer Calibration Care

DJB Instruments UK Ltd has launched a new Calibration Care program for its customers that will remind them of the recommended recalibration date for their accelerometers purchased from DJB. The program has been on trial for the last 12 months and has proven to be extremely popular with DJB’s customers who often overlook the need to calibrate their sensors.

The Calibration Care program is completely free and will send a reminder to customers approximately 11 months after purchase, giving them time to arrange calibration within the recommended 12 month duration. Calibration care will also be rolled out via DJB’s overseas offices in France and China and in time will also be extended to support its global distributor network.

As a manufacturer of accelerometers DJB is perfectly placed to offer a recalibration service as they understand every aspect of accelerometer mounting, cabling and general handling. This in-depth knowledge is critical in ensuring the data is accurate and the calibration certificate is ‘meaningful’ and not just a quick snapshot of the accelerometers’ performance at one moment in time.

DJB’s Managing Director, Neill Ovenden, said of the new program … “As a time served vibration test engineer I know how important it is to get your accelerometers calibrated and checked every 12 months, I can also attest to how easy it is to overlook the calibration period due to a busy test schedule, our new Calibration Care program represents a key part of our commitment to excellent customer service and ongoing support.’
DJB’s in house calibration facility uses state of the art equipment to provide a Nationally traceable calibration service in accordance with ISO9001 and NIST standards, with all reference equipment independently calibrated to the UKAS traceability standard, calibrations can be completed in as little as 24 hours, dependent on demand.
For more details about DJB’s Calibration Care program please visit the DJB website or call the sales team. DJB Instruments UK Ltd Sales +44 (0) 1638 712 288 or email [email protected]