Bowman supports the UK’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Following a commitment that the UK will reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, we were keen to find out how UK business are rising to this challenge.

Bowman Power Group Ltd (Bowman) designs, develops, installs and maintains electrified turbomachinery products for improving internal combustion engines through reducing fuel consumption & greenhouse emissions and improving responsiveness.

This capability means they have already helped their customers work towards the 2050 goal. We spoke with Paul Dowman-Tucker, their CEO to get his views on the new target:

“The Bowman team are thrilled that the UK is the first nation to commit to this necessary goal. The UK has long been a frontrunner in tackling the climate crisis, with a vibrant engineering community committed to developing solutions and working with worldwide partners to implement them.

There have been significant strides made with energy efficiency technology within the last decade, both from OEMs and third parties, that have helped set the groundwork for this target,” explained Paul.

Bowman is one company that has helped set this groundwork. For 15 years their flagship Electric Turbo Compounding system has been making gas and diesel-powered gensets work more cleanly and effectively, by recovering waste energy from the genset exhaust and converting it to free useful power.

Paul continued “However, it is clear that much more will need to be done to achieve this in just over thirty years. Further investment in renewable energy and fuel sources, energy efficiency, and carbon offsetting measures will be required to make these goals a reality. Each of these areas will play a key role but the more we can reduce emissions at source, particularly through improved efficiency where fossil fuels are still used, the less we will need to offset which is likely to be costly.

Whilst the UK is one of the nations best equipped to achieve this goal, it’s important that our engineering sector doesn’t lose sight of the role we can play in promoting these technologies and developments worldwide. For countries with less developed power infrastructures and widely distributed populations, we will have a large role to play in helping them tackle these challenges.”

With 800 systems installed worldwide Bowman are already flying this flag. To date, they have generated in excess of 710GWh of free energy, saved over 350,000 tonnes of CO2 and removed the need for over £80 million of fuel to be burnt.

Paul concluded: “We hope this commitment will see additional investment in technologies to bridge the gap from current fuel sources to renewables and ensure action on a global stage. We are excited to see how this policy will shape the UK’s strategy going forward and that of other nations.”

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