REMBE high pressure rupture disc HPRD

The production of certain plastics such as LDPE requires demanding process conditions including pressures up to several thousand bar and temperatures over 300˚ C. The LDPE process is a highly exothermic reaction which is nearly impossible to control and difficult to stop. Autoclaves, tubular reactors, and process elements require special overpressure protection measures to ensure […]

LINE OPTICS: An Excellent Option for IMPAC ISR 6 and IGAR 6 Advanced Pyrometers

Expanded functionality especially for wire production and pouring stream measurements IMPAC pyrometers Series 6 Advanced represent the “flagship-class” of small-sized infrared thermometers by LumaSense. They are extremely fast and highly accurate digital pyrometers (single color or 2-color) with very long temperature ranges, analog output, digital interface, and focusable optics. Different models are available with integrated […]

Versamove Transfer System Boasts Compact Curve

mk has expanded its modular pallet transfer system Versamove standard with a curved module which has an impressive space-saving design that enables 90° and 180° turns in the tightest of spaces. Versamove is a versatile, high-quality pallet transfer system which can be used in almost all areas of automated production and material flow. Its modular design allows […]

MHEA BULKEX anticipating strong attendance for 2019

The Materials Handling Engineers Association, (MHEA), is anticipating strong attendance at this year’s BULKEX, which takes place 16-17 October at the Eastwood Hall Hotel, Nottingham. Featuring a full speaker programme, exhibition and Excellence Awards, this is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the bulk materials handling industry or affected by it.

The Event for Design-to-Manufacturing Innovation

Registration is now open for TCT Show, a world-leading design-to-manufacturing event delivering business-critical insights on 3D printing, additive manufacturing, CAD/CAE, metrology and inspection as well as conventional manufacturing processes such as moulding, casting and CNC machining. Over 10,000 professionals from 40 countries and 20 key industries including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, FMCG, defense, consumer products and […]

Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces – A practical and safe way to access the controls

In machines and systems, you regularly need access to the controls: during initial start-up, for service work and when production has been halted (which is where things get time-critical). The Murrelektronik Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces provide plant operators with easy, safe access to the controls. Many different country-specific outlets and data connectors provide international […]

Understanding the micro and thermo mechanical properties of materials is increasingly important

Existing materials are being deployed in new environments and exotic new materials are being developed to meet ever higher engineering demands. Advanced materials such as carbon fibre and graphene are becoming materials of choice for high-end applications such as bike frames, cars, surgical implants and aircraft wings. New materials are being developed to replace or […]

Interroll introduces new oil-free drum motor

Interroll is now introducing a new version of its oil-free drum motor based on the new and improved Interroll Drum Motor Platform. Already back in 2010 Interroll introduced the first oil-free drum motors. Since then, thousands of oil-free motors have been installed and are currently in use as a proven solution for many applications, in […]

Outstanding installation and servicing requires outstanding products

BSRIA Instrument Solutions prides itself on providing measuring instruments that meets and exceeds the needs of its clients by efficiently resolving both simple and complex problems alike.  Building services engineering covers a wide range of measurement applications each requiring specialist expertise to understand, and this includes such diverse fields as the accurate measurement of air […]

One Open Firewall Port is One Too Many

The buzz about Industrial IoT and Industrie 4.0 all sounds good. Using production data to improve operations and boost profits is fine, but a big question looms–what about security? How can you access live production data and still keep the plant secure? Until recently, this has not been an easy question to answer, because getting […]

ROBO-TEND at your service

ROBO-TEND from XYZ Machine Tools is a robot-based automation cell with camera vision that brings true robot automation within the reach of traditional sub-contract engineering businesses. ROBO-TEND is fully compatible with the Siemens ShopMill and ShopTurn controls used on XYZ’s VMC’s and turning centres.

Adel System DC UPS – CBI Series

The CBI DC UPS combine the functions of a Power Supply, a Back Up Module and of a Battery Charger in one unit. They use switching technology with microcontrollers and optimise the supply to the DC load either when the AC mains is present or when the battery backup is in operation. The CBI units […]


Smooth and efficient management of workloads is essential for any company & using a simple streamlined and visual tool can often make work easier and processes better. T Cards have always been a clear precise method of managing tasks, but now with the web-based T Cards Online, this valuable tool can be accessed from anywhere […]