Adel System DC UPS – CBI Series

The CBI DC UPS combine the functions of a Power Supply, a Back Up Module and of a Battery Charger in one unit. They use switching technology with microcontrollers and optimise the supply to the DC load either when the AC mains is present or when the battery backup is in operation. The CBI units do not allow for deep discharge of the batteries.  The CBI units switch from the mains to the battery in the event of a mains failure without any interruption.

There is automatic protection without fuse against the reserve polarity, short circuit and overload and overvoltage. They carry out diagnostic checks on the connected battery through the Life Test, every 110 minutes, enabling the users to select the most appropriate charging curve to maximise the efficiency of the system and to guarantee a long-life battery while intensifying its performances.

They are equipped with two relays; one to operate to indicate the status of the mains or battery backup and another to indicate any of the 8 battery protection functions that the unit monitors.

The primary function of the CBI unit is to optimise the battery condition so when it is required the battery is as good as its life cycle will allow for. There are options for communication via CANbus and MODbus on certain modules and the DYP351 displays allows on the CBI500W and the CBI280 series an option for a door mounted display for battery status updates locally. The display allows the connection of up to 32 CBI DCUPS and the ability to monitor and adjust setting in each one.  The DPY351 can be connected to an LAN via Ethernet and remotely accessed using the ADELVIEW software All units are DIN Rail mounted and there is a range of battery carriers available to safely and easily fit the battery packs into the enclosure or panel.

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