Fibre Strippers Extended Rail enables Stripping Fibre Lengths up to 225nm

LASER COMPONENTS off ers a wide range of high-performance fi bre optic stripping tools for removal of acrylate, PVC, polyimide, carbon and gold coatings.

The product portfolio includes strippers providing the most advanced line of high strength thermal mechanical strippers, non-contact high strength strippers and the industry’s only diameter adjustable thermal fi bre stripper.
Our thermal stripper extended rail enables stripping fi bre lengths up to 225mm and supports standard 125μm optical fi bres, including 250, 400 and 900μm coated fi bres. It features adjustable temperature and time settings to accommodate diff erent fi bre coatings. The precision, self-centering blade design produces high strength stripping performance unmatched by previous fl at blade strippers.

Our complete line of preparation tools, including the thermal strippers, are confi gurable for use with Fitel, Fujikura, 3SAE or Ericsson fi bre holders. Use of fi bre holders provides a repeatable handling process across strip, clean, cleave and splice equipment for high strength splicing and improved yield. ber-optics/optical-fi ber-processing/fi ber-stripper/