Smooth and efficient management of workloads is essential for any company & using a simple streamlined and visual tool can often make work easier and processes better.

T Cards have always been a clear precise method of managing tasks, but now with the web-based T Cards Online, this valuable tool can be accessed from anywhere and integrated with any API enabled ERP system using the embedded API suite.

The latest company to integrate with other systems is Essex based ProtectAVan. Having used manual T cards previously, they were keen to see the benefits of keeping things simple.

Having decided to go with T Card Online the value as a management tool across multiple PC’s, was quickly proven but they needed to streamline further to keep pace their fast growing and every busy workload. They integrated T Cards Online with their accountancy Sage 200 software using the T Cards Online API (Application Planning Interface).

Luke Powell, Sales Manager at ProtectAVan comments, “We benefitted from using T Card systems over many years, initially using the manual T Board before switching to T Cards Online”. Luke continues, “Moving forward we wanted to link T Cards Online with Sage 200 to enable more staff to access ALL the relevant customer information & process data with maximum transparency and efficiency. The result is we now have an automated workflow system which exactly matches our needs enabling more people to access and view information whilst minimising the need for order input reducing duplication & saving us time”.

ProtectAVans’ experience in using T Cards Online  is another example of how companies are benefitting from a simple, yet highly effective online management tool. Furthermore, the ability to link the system to other software packages via the API illustrates the potential to develop this highly effective management to the very specific needs.


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