New Keyence VHX-7000 4K Microscope enhances view, capture and measure tasks

The VHX-7000 digital microscope, which is now available in the UK and Ireland, offers high magnification
and accuracy, and is both versatile and easy to use. With a wide array of functions and features, the
VHX-7000 is the best way to future-proof microscopy requirements for years to come.

Using the Keyence VHX-7000, both 2D and 3D measurements can be performed with ease. Just one
microscope is required to take roughness, contamination, grain size and a host of other measurements.
Observation is provided with an optimal balance of brightness and clarity. Moreover, images can be easily
saved on the 1 TB hard drive (enough capacity for millions of images) and shared over LAN or USB.
Similarly, reports can be automatically created and shared.
Features such as ‘Optical Shadow Effect Mode’ make subtle contours stand out (in colour) and enhance
uneven surfaces and stains at the push of a button. By combining a 4K CMOS image sensor with a new
multi-directional lighting variation technique, the VHX-7000 can deliver images that rival an SEM (scanning
electron microscope).
Even novice users can easily capture high-resolution images. The operator simply places the target on the
stage, and everything else – including alignment and focus adjustment – is fully automatic. A handheld
controller puts functions such as magnification switching at the fingertips of the user.
Among major features is high-speed image stitching, which occurs automatically upon command. In addition,
by capturing multiple images while the stage is moving, 3D data capture and stitching can take place
simultaneously, which makes it possible to view and analyse the overall contours of the target.
In terms of 3D measurement, even when the target has an uneven surface, a fully-focused image is obtained
instantly, composed from multiple images with varying focus positions. The new fully integrated head offers
the highest picture quality in the VHX series. What’s more, observation using the VHX-7100 fully integrated
head can be carried out automatically at magnifications from 20x to 6000x without manually changing the
A combination of optics, digital camera, electronics, software, and a wide choice of motorised XYZ and rotary
stages, means users can perform complete inspection and analysis using a single system. As a result,
applications traditionally performed on stereoscopic, metallurgical, measuring and even SEM microscopes
can easily be transferred to the VHX-7000.
For automotive and other metal-based industries, on-machine automated contamination and cleanliness
analysis compliant with ISO 16232 standards is made possible for large area measurement. Higher
magnification and high-resolution imaging combine with one-click auto measurement for quality inspection in
semiconductor and electronics industries, while automatic area measurement with object counting can be
deployed for grain structure analysis in pharmaceuticals, metallurgy or other demanding sectors.
Ultimately, the new VHX-7000 all-in-one digital microscope will streamline and simplify quality inspection
across all industries, while simultaneously providing outstanding image results. Keyence is currently offering
a no-obligation, on-site demonstration of the system.
A detailed brochure on the full range of functions, features and options available is available at: