Bülte company, more than 60 years of experience in Nylon fasteners.

Brief history

Bülte, a company specialised in the manufacture of polyamide parts, was founded in 1956 in Lüdinghausen (Germany) by Norbert Bülte. Joined by his son, Stefan Bülte, the company later decided to export German technology and know-how to France. Located in the Drôme department, Bülte Plastiques France has surrounded itself with expert collaborators in the field, in order to expand the range of products offered to customers.

In 1999, the group opened a site in the United Kingdom, while at the same time diversifying its products and materials and expanding into Europe. All its employees are perfectly multilingual and can accompany their clients in their mother tongue, always with the same ease, from the first contact.

The Bülte Group has been on the market for more than 60 years and ensures that its customers are constantly advised and supported by an always responsive sales team. It provides them with a catalogue of standard products that can be consulted online, but also the possibility of producing specific parts on plan. Initial samples and/or prototypes are proposed.

Bülte is permanently searching for 100% customer satisfaction, so that they can order and receive products that are perfectly adapted to their needs.

The group’s activity makes it possible to offer 30,000 references in its catalogue. Today, more than 100,000,000 parts are manufactured in the European Union, for a total of more than 15,000 customers all over the world.

The Bülte Group and innovation

The range of products manufactured and distributed by the Bülte Group is very wide. These are plugs, washers, bushings, spacers, handles, cable glands… and screws. The search for innovation is at the heart of the company, which is constantly developing new state-of-the-art products.

Thus, in the field of screws, two new models have just been launched.

The slotted capstan screw DIN 404 in natural nylon (other materials on request), available from M3 to M6. This screw is composed of an enlarged cylindrical head, a straight slot on the top of the head and two radial holes on each side of the head. It may be tightened by inserting a tee bar into the holes when it is not possible to use a screw driver to tighten the screw; locking wires can also be attached to the cross holes to secure the screw in container sealing for example.

The second new feature is the Plastilockscrew®, a pure product of Bülte’s expertise. It is a natural nylon screw with dimensions ranging from M5 to M12 approaching the screws ISO 4017. It has a base under the head, which limits the pressure under the head.

In the summer 2019, we will be adding a third new screw to the catalogue, the Hex head cap screws 6 lobe T25 ~ ISO 7380. Its dome shaped head is wider and has a lower profile than a socket cap screw and has a 6-lobed recess.

Whatever your industrial activity might be, Bülte will be at your side from product design to completion. Our commercial team will offer you technical advice, personalized support and expertise at any time.