Kardex NEW FramePick 4 Wholesale delivers Faster Order Picking

Need a fast and accurate picking solution – but a Mini-Load is to costly? FramePick 4 Wholesale from Kardex offers an alternative for intelligent order picking

For a growing number of companies – whether they are focused on the B2B or B2C market – they are experiencing bottlenecks in their traditional fulfillment operations. There simply isn’t enough time for an order picker to take a trolley up and down past endless rows of racking so that the products can be picked, packed and dispatched quickly enough. What these warehouses need is an efficient, dynamic and flexible system for fast order fulfillment.

Kardex introduces their FramePick4Wholesale – an efficient goods-to-person solution that enables wholesale companies to reduce the distances walked in their warehouses by as much as 65%. The combination of smart and intuitive technologies virtually eliminates picking errors, plus intelligent order batching enables a fourfold increase in the productivity of order pickers – and all without having to install a complex system of rigid conveyors or investing in other costly material handling equipment.

At the heart of the system is the LR 35 vertical storage system. With two, four or six units connected in series, you can create highly compact storage of the inventory in standard plastic bins. Once an order line is released, the LR 35 rapidly presents the relevant storage bin to the operator. A user-friendly screen, which can be supported with a laser pointer if desired, informs the operator of how many products to pick and put in the customer order bins.

The positioning of the customer bins is unique. Rather than the traditional conveyor-transport approach, they are kept on order picking trolleys that are already common to many warehouses. The trolleys are placed in a frame fitted with put-to-light displays. As soon as the operator has picked the right quantity of products, the displays indicate how many must be put into which customer bin. Each ‘put’ is confirmed by pressing the button on the display, and then the operator moves on to the next order line.

Once all the customer bins on a trolley are full, the displays on the frame light up. An operator can then simply transfer the trolley to the packing area where all the orders are packed ready for dispatch as normal. The next trolley waiting to be filled with customer orders can immediately be wheeled into the vacant space. When the operator uses the software to select the relevant number of customer orders, the software applies a predefined strategy to link them to the empty bins on the trolley. Then, a single scan is all it takes to connect the trolley to the frame and to add it to the current batch of orders being processed.

The fast order fulfillment solution revolves around the LR 35, which is the fastest vertical storage system on the market.

Kardex Remstar supplies FramePick 4 Wholesale as a total solution including LR35 units, frames with put-to-light displays and Power Pick Global Smartpick 6000 software. Plastic bins, order picking trolleys, label printers and additional software modules are also optionally available from Kardex Remstar. The total solution is offered with a complete service package which gives customers the peace of mind they need in fast order fulfillment.

Download the white paper to learn more about the new solution for faster order processing or contact Kardex Remstar at [email protected] or visit our website at www.kardex-remstar.co.uk