The essential add in to your gas installation – save your systems from debris!

Debris can cause havoc in your system, we have an easy solution!

DMS can supply Top Hat Filters (Temporary strainers) for your gas meter, whether you have purchased the Meter from us or not! Our filters are designed for use during the commissioning or start-up of an installation to be removed after this period. Installing a top hat filter into your system will protect the equipment from any dirt, debris or foreign bodies that may pass through. Fitting a filter couldn’t be easier, located between the mating flanges in the pipeline. If you are adding a Commissioning filter to a vertically installed meter, we recommend adding a filter to both the inlet and outlet.

DMS Supply Top Hat Filters in the following sizes; 

2″ DN50

3″ DN80

4″ DN100

6″ DN150


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