Introducing the new maxon catalogue for 2019/2020

We are pleased to introduce you to our new catalogue, available in both online and paper copy formats.

In summary

The first section of the catalogue is an introduction to maxon, what we offer, and how. Inside this section can be found information on production (including quality standards and certifications), our key markets, our Academy, and our quarterly magazine: driven.

The next section is the Selection Guide; this contains examples of how to select a drive system and formulae for calculating application specifications.

Each subsequent section is dedicated to maxon product categories. Within each product category, a range of product families are available.

New products

Ventilated and open rotor EC flat motors

maxon have been able to increase the power available in the Ø60 mm and Ø90 mm brushless DC (EC) flat motors by offering open rotor and ventilated designs. Torque can be increased up to 30% at 6000rpm, from a maximum nominal torque of 254mNm to 334mNm. (Note: brushless DC motors require a controller).

Flat motors in the catalogue begin from page 251. The full range of new and existing brushless DC motors (BLDC) can be found on page 161. maxon controllers can be found from page 451.

Encoders suitable for harsh environments

maxon has developed high-temperature encoders designed to withstand conditions found in harsh environments. As standard, maxon encoders are reliable at temperatures of -40°C to +100°C. Now, with the new XT (Extended Temperature range), using a single wire design, operating within temperatures of -55°C to +125°C are now possible. The new XT encoders are part of maxon’s configurable X-Drives range with quick delivery.

The full range of encoders can be found from page 391.

Configurable gearheads with quick delivery

Another addition to the X-Drives family of products are the Ultra Performance (UP) planetary gearheads, available in Ø22 mm and Ø32 mm. At the output stage, this new design uses 50% wider planetary gears and ceramic axis instead of steel. This design also has an increased shaft diameter, reinforced roller bearings and larger bearing distance for higher radial load. The new GPX 22 and 32 UP gearheads are capable of up to 96% maximum efficiency for a single stage and up to 87% for a 4-stage gearhead.

Complete solutions

Most catalogue products we supply are modified to meet customer and application requirements. maxon can also create bespoke drive solutions and mechatronic systems based on catalogue products. Key markets include; medical, aerospace, transportation, industrial automation, robotics and e-mobility. We have dedicated teams that specialise in these industries.

Learn more about mechatronic drive systems from page 14.

If you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on +44(0) 1189 733 337 or email via [email protected]