T/TRT314 milling centres with “T” configuration: maximum versatility for large components machining

T314 and TRT314 are two Sachman large-size fixed-bed machining centres with 3+2, 4+2, 5 and 6 axes. The two models are available with translating table (T version), reaching X=4000, Y=1600 and Z=2000 mm and with built-in moving rotary table (TRT version) which allows machining of workpieces on 5 sides in one single set-up.

All models of Sachman T series feature the moving column along the traverse axis (no RAM) which ensures constant high accuracy at all stages of workpieces machining.

What distinguishes T/TRT314 models is their great removal capacity added to the remarkable dynamic performances in speed, acceleration and accuracy, typical for finishing operations, thanks to the complete cast iron structure.

All models can use a wide range of heads (universal indexed heads or universal continuous heads with torque motors, mechanically driven continuous twist heads or with electrospindle) that makes all these machines suitable for many sectors: from automotive components and moulds and dies machining to high-precision general engineering purpose machining.

T/TRT314 are characterized by high loading capacity, excellent accessibility and double
workstation (front/rear).

Their versatility in configuration is increased by the availability of a wide range of accessories  such as: tool magazines, automatic systems for pallet change, probes for workpiece inspection and tool measurement, conveyors for the removal of big quantities of chips.



  • TRT314

Piacenza, September 2019


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