Production Control Software – What to consider.

There’s certainly no lack of choice of software vendors in the market when it comes to Production Control Software. These range from free apps through to systems with an upfront investment in the tens of thousands of pounds.

So how do businesses go about selecting a potential system. The first consideration is, does the system contain the key elements of a robust system, which may include:  CRM, Job costing/control, purchasing, stock control, Works Order control, Shop floor data capture, planning & scheduling, delivering and invoicing the job. Although not all these will be important front end it is important to consider the software has the ability to accommodate these facets for future proofing the choice.

Another major factor is for the system is to be as simple as it can be, getting employees to adopt a new method of working is no easy task. The system needs to be flexible, spending half a day quoting a project isn’t always a luxury to be had. Changing how the business has done things for the past decade is also not feasible so the system needs to be pliable. The business owner has usually recognised there needs to be a change but has to see a benefit against the disruption of change.

Statii don’t just offer experienced staff behind the product but people who really understand engineering. The two founders of the business are both seasoned Engineering business owners who have a controlling influence in how their system looks, feels and works with a smart team of developers behind them to realise these ideas. What this means for its users, is a software that offers a simple interface that can manage complex tasks such as setting multi level BOM’s and detailed stock control but is in turn very simple where it needs to be.

Complicated user experience, internal IT infrastructure and large up front costs are some of the barriers to smaller businesses implementing a system, although they may realise such a system could enable them to be productive and more profitable. Statii offers an alternative.

Collecting data from the shop floor can be another onerous task, but the benefits to be had are huge. Statii tackle this via inexpensive tablets on the shop floor that are presented in a very ‘user friendly’ way. Having proved hundreds of times this part of the implementation process to be relatively simple and adopted by shop floor personnel very positively.

Seeing ‘live’ at what stage the operations are and who is working on them, not only collects the labour cost but also reflects on the planning/scheduling element of the system.

The sophisticated drag and drop planning board is a recent product development, where the system predicts in real time when a process will be complete, advising if any processes have exceeded the time estimated.

Statii offers a low cost, cloud based, all inclusive solution.


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