PushPull offers a secure fit with just one click

There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable connector for panels or control cabinets. Robustness, reliability and adaptability are all high on the list, but as businesses embrace more flexible production processes, simple handling and ease of use are becoming increasingly important.

Control cabinets often contain a myriad of switches and connections, so the ability to quickly and efficiently disconnect and reconnect the industrial lifelines of data, signals and power are vital if expensive machine downtime is to be avoided. That’s where HARTING’s PushPull technology comes into its own.

Developed with the user in mind, the PushPull family is available in a range of materials to suit your requirements. From the robust V4 Industrial with a housing that protects from aggressive industrial chemicals to the sleek M12 with its capacity to deliver data transfer rates of up to 10GBit/s, the entire ranges relies on a simple yet effective connection method.

As its name suggests, PushPull incorporates an uncomplicated connection and termination technique that ensures absolute dependency and reliability. The intuitive, tool-free method guarantees an error-free connection as the two sections click into place, the audible feedback indicating the connection is secure. The sturdy housing is also inscribed with pronounced contours, which gives the operator a firm grip on the connector.

To further simplify the process and eliminate the possibility of incorrect connections, HARTING has fitted the PushPull range with colour-coded marks. The first is a yellow triangle which appears on both the plug and socket, meaning it’s incredibly easy to ensure both connections are orientated correctly before they are mated.

Secondly, the user has the option to allocate colour codes to each PushPull plug and socket in an installation. For example, they could easily colour code data, signal and power lines to ensure each line can be easily identified; a simple system to help reduce cabling errors.

In addition to the audible click, the PushPull range also comes with a spin-lock which firmly secures the connecter in a mated condition, preventing any inadvertent disconnection. Simply plug in the PushPull then rotate the ring one-eighth of a turn clockwise to lock and secure the connection.

Finally, when it comes to variety, the PushPull range can handle all your requirements. Whether you’re looking to transmit data via an RJ45 or 690V / 16A of power via 5 poles, HARTING’s range of interfaces, inserts and housing materials can provide universal solutions for your specific applications. Click here to learn more about HARTING’s PushPull range.