Join Delta for the Ultimate Smart Building and Smart City Experience at Smart Building Expo 2019 in Fiera Milano

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced it will be present at the
Smart Building Expo 2019 in Fiera Milano, along with its Austria-based subsidiary LOYTEC. Delta will
demonstrate its building automation solutions and its smart charging infrastructure solutions, including
LOYTEC’s L-DALI lighting control system, a platform that facilitates eco-friendly management of lighting
infrastructure in buildings. Delta’s M88H solar PV inverter, which boasts peak efficiency as high as 98.8%, as
well as the 25kW DC Wallbox EV charger, an ideal solution to expand the reach of e-mobility in cities with its
lightweight compact design and high power output, will also be vital parts of our showcase.

The lighting and room automation solutions for smart buildings from LOYTEC will be displayed. Its L-DALI
Lighting Solution brings multiple benefits to end-users, ranging from being fully featured and scalable, to
increased user comfort and energy savings. Installers benefit from leveraging unparalleled building and room
automation with IoT integration. LOYTEC’s L-ROC Room Automation solution fits mid- to large-scale
buildings perfectly. Both solutions also boast unparalleled integration capabilities.

In order to help visitors fully enjoy the smart charging infrastructure solutions experience, Delta will show a
number of energy infrastructure products and systems. These include the M88H inverter, which has a peak
efficiency of 98.8%, as well as the DC Wallbox EV charger, which offers an output power of up to 25kW and
94% efficiency. Visitors can also learn more about the E5 Hybrid Inverter, an energy storage system that
comprises a single phase 5kW hybrid inverter, a separate battery cabinet equipped with a high capacity 6
kWh Li-ion battery, a Power Meter and Smart Monitor. For added convenience, the inverter and the battery
are separate, allowing for operation with or without a battery. This separation simplifies battery replacement,
as the complete battery cabinet can be returned for replacement without disturbing any of the system’s other
components. Helping users to easily keep on top of their energy consumption is Delta’s R4 Smart Monitor
Energy Management System, which receives data from the multiple components within the E5 Hybrid
Inverter system. Not only does it display the status on the touchscreen, but it also controls the components
to deliver an optimised energy flow for the system owner.

Delta also anticipates much interest in its Smart Street Lighting Solutions. In addition to providing bright, low
energy lighting, the product on display at Smart Building Expo 2019 combines an environment sensor, a
surveillance camera, an EV charger and a display screen all on one pole. This multi-faceted solution is an
asset to any private or public space. It can measure the air quality, provide the assurance of security
surveillance, and act as a power supply for EVs, while sharing information and data about the air quality and
an EV’s charging status via its display screen.

Delta looks forward to learning more about its customers’ needs at Smart Building Expo 2019, in Hall 6,
Booth B21, from 13-15 November 2019.