SuperCORR A reduces premature drive chain wear with dry lubricant spray

Premature chain wear is usually caused by poor lubrication and maintenance which is responsible for loss of production high maintenance labour costs and low productivity. Most hydrocarbon-based lubricants have relatively high viscosity and will not reach the bearing areas in the centre of the chain around the bush, pin and drive cogs. Reducing downtime of the increasing numbers of robots, handling and positioning systems and conveyors using chains in factory environments needs both scheduled and emergency plans to maintain reliability.

SuperCORR A aerosols from EnviroTech Europe are an innovative, simple solution to this problem, easily applied without mess or staining. The very low viscosity ultra-thin film dry lubricant with corrosion protective properties is dissolved in a fast drying, environmentally friendly carrier solvent.

The spray cleans and removes dust, swarf and soils depositing an ultra-thin dry film coating which penetrates the closest tolerances lubricates and protects surfaces, does not attract dust or dirt is unaffected by water or solvents and is resistant to high temperatures and highly corrosive liquids and atmospheres such as salt water.

SuperCORR A complies with Mil Spec Mil-DTL-87177 B. and is approved by major companies and OEMs worldwide. The SuperCORR aerosol cans are supplied with fine probe tubes simplifying access and penetration into the difficult areas to make maintenance quick and easy even in the most difficult situations.


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