Automation without limits

In a fast changing world in which an increasing number of things are connected with one another, industrial automation is also undergoing a fundamental transformation. Classic system structures are developing into cyber-physical systems. Future-oriented automation solutions therefore have to be flexible, open, and networked. PLCnext Technology offers a platform that opens up completely new levels of freedom.

PLCnext Technology is a unique, open ecosystem for modern automation that is capable of meeting all the challenges of the IoT world.

The combination of open control platform, modular engineering software, and systemic cloud integration enables simple adaptation to changing demands and the efficient utilisation of existing and future software services. With the PLCnext Store, Phoenix Contact provides the PLCnext Community with an open exchange platform for their software functions.

Connected coworking

With PLCnext Technology, several developers from different generations can work on one controller program independently of each other using different programming languages. You can therefore develop complex applications quickly using the advantages of the classic PLC world and the openness and flexibility of PLCnext Technology.

Real-time execution across different programming languages

Combine program sequences of different languages into tasks as desired. The patent-pending  PLCnext  Technology task handling system enables program routines of different origins to run as classic IEC-61131-PLC code – your high-level language programs become automatically deterministic. The platform ensures consistent data exchange and synchronous execution of the program code.

Flexible integration of open-source software and apps

PLCnext  Technology enables any desired combination of independently created program parts and complete applications. The use of open-source software and apps, e.g. from our  PLCnext  Store, increases the efficiency of your development processes. The sky is the limit when it comes to future expansions.

Open interfaces and cloud integration

PLCnext  Technology enables the integration of current and future interfaces and protocols for open communication in highly networked automation systems. Implement new IoT-based business models through direct connection to cloud-based services and databases.

Use your favorite programming tool

The openness of  PLCnext  Technology enables you to use your favorite programming language, be it IEC 61131 or high-level language. Develop your individual solution conveniently in a familiar development environment such as  PLCnext  Engineer, Matlab Simulink, Eclipse or Visual Studio.


See PLCnext Technology live!

Phoenix Contact will be exhibiting at Drives and Controls in April 2020, where you will be able to learn more about PLCnext technology and understand the power of automation without limits.