TF Automation focuses on process automation solutions in 2019 as well as community engagement

TF Automation design, engineer and manufacture process automation solutions, supporting a wide range of manufacturing industries from, aerospace and automotive through to medical, food, printing and packaging.

Investment in the latest automated manufacturing technologies is a key issue for many of our customers who see it as a viable strategy to tackle skills shortages while maintaining the agility to stay competitive in a global market and we work closely with them to ensure cost effective and efficient solutions.

We have had another successful and varied year with projects this year ranging from product identity and traceability and laser marking to product assembly and electrical testing using robotics plus numerous work-stations for general testing product testing. This has meant our continued involvement in the supply chain for the automotive industry as well as aerospace, foundries, plus heating/plumbing products and personal protection.

The need to improve process and productivity is a constant challenge for all our customers. Our focus is on providing solutions to reduce the risk of human error in tasks that are constant, predictable and repetitive. We engineer and program our machines to perform tasks repeatedly, offering accuracy and repeatability far superior to the same task carried out manually, thus ensuring increased output and efficiency.

Community engagement is a key ethos for TF Automation and following on from the success in 2018, the company has taken part in Bradford Manufacturing Week – a unique event set up by Bradford Chamber of Commerce to engage local students with manufacturing and engineering companies in Bradford. TF Automation hosted over 100 GCSE and A level students over one week, showing them some of the technology incorporated into the machine build process and discussing manufacturing and engineering as positive and engaging career choices. TF Automation has always worked with the local education providers, through apprenticeships as well as graduate placements and internships.

We are already planning into 2020, looking forward to working with existing customers to further enhance their production processes and output and supporting a variety of new customers with challenging automation problems. With over 40 years’ experience, our strength is in our ability to assess and understand the requirements of each individual project, considering both end user and operative. We look at numerous possible designs for clients, ensuring that both their expectations and their clients’ are met and the optimum solution provided.

To find out more or to discuss your next automation project with our design team, contact us on 01274 308005, email us at [email protected] or visit our website