4 or 16 Independently Addressable Channels

Two new multichannel laser diode drivers designed specifi cally for LIDAR (Light Distancing
and Ranging) applications are now available from PicoLAS! These boards off er 4 or 16 inde-
pendently addressable channels.The LDP-AV 4N55-90 is able to drive 4 laser diodes with a fi xed pulse duration of 5.5ns with
up to 90A each. Whereas the 16 channel LDP-AV 16N45-40 off ers up to 40A drive per laser
diode in 5.5ns. Direct mounting of the laser diodes on top of the driver board enables a
high power density from a compact footprint.

Customisation of these driver boards is also possible, for example laser diode pad position
or pulse duration.







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