SIT Insights in Technology Conference launches in Schaffhausen

New research-led university, Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT), will host its first Insights in Technology Conference in Schaffhausen, Switzerland on Monday December 16, 2019. The one-day scientific conference will welcome pioneering students, academics, the global business community and the public to partake in an exciting programme of events.

The Insights in Technology Conference is the first event to be held in Schaffhausen since the launch of SIT earlier this year. It will bring together partners from SIT’s global network to the canton of Schaffhausen itself, demonstrating why the region was chosen as the campus hub of the international university.

Attendees will be invited to engage in collaborative discussion about transformative science for a sustainable society and will hear from distinguished speakers about emerging areas of scientific and technical research. Key industrial players from the Schaffhausen region will also address major challenges and will present future technology solutions.

Comprised of three parts: the Nano Conference, the Public Pop-Science Talk and a Science Evening, the event will showcase the exceptional scope of SIT as the university expands in the future.

The Nano Conference, which begins with a poster session at 9.00am, will welcome prominent keynote speakers throughout the day. This includes Nobel laureate Wolfgang Ketterle, professor of physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and director of the MIT-Harvard Center of Ultracold Atoms.

“The first Plenary Session will include a key-note speech from Ketterle,” explained Bertrand Meyer, professor at new technology University, SIT. “This will be followed by two Parallel Sessions on the future of banking and the future of computing. A further Plenary Session will conclude the morning”

As part of the Public Pop-Science Talk, Ketterle will return to discuss exciting developments in the world of physics, joined by master illusionist Kevin Quantum. The event will conclude with a Science Evening, offering live entertainment to attendees.

“The Insights in Technologies Conference offers just a glimpse into the pioneering projects taking place at SIT. We want to break down barriers with an event that can be thought provoking and inspiring for all our attendees — no matter their prior technical knowledge.” concluded Meyer.

SIT is a private, non-profit university that offers tertiary education, research opportunities, and an entrepreneurial environment in the areas of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Digital Law.

SIT’s Insights in Technology Conference will take place in Schaffhausen, Switzerland on December 16, 2019. To register for further information about SIT’s upcoming events, visit the SIT website.