Modernising your alarm systems

~ Omniflex launches free legacy alarm replacement consultation service ~

Alarm annunciator specialist Omniflex has launched its legacy alarm replacement consultancy service. As part of the service, one of Omniflex’s specialist engineers, with over 30 years industry experience in alarm systems, can visit your site to perform a free site survey and evaluate your existing obsolete and legacy alarm systems. They can then discuss the most suitable replacement options for you.

It might seem like a common-sense approach to site safety to update alarm systems in line with technological advances and increasing regulations, but this isn’t always the case. Many sites suffer from obsolescence issues, with many former alarm system providers no longer in business, sites have not yet upgraded the alarms that were initially installed.

Omniflex offers replacement alarm annunciator systems that are custom designed to fit into existing panel or desk space to provide a seamless replacement. Now, Omniflex has launched its free consultation service to help plant managers looking to update their alarm annunciators while carefully considering obsolescence management.

“So often, when I visit sites, I see physical alarm annunciators that were installed decades ago still in use that aren’t up to modern SIL-standards or supported anymore,” explained Gary Bradshaw, director at Omniflex. “Operator response times are an important part of the SIL-rating, so it’s vital that alarms help operators act quickly in a crisis. By having a panel of windows permanently dedicated to specific processes, alarm annunciators improve user familiarity and increase their awareness when the window visually flashes and sounds an alarm.

“We put you first, adopting your problems as our own to provide the best and most cost-effective replacement solutions for obsolete and legacy alarm annunciator systems. Once you have a quote from us, you can upgrade any or all your systems at your convenience to suit your business needs.”

Omniflex has over 50 years’ experience as a specialist in instrumentation and safety-critical alarm systems, so we appreciate the importance of having physically hardwired alarm annunciators for safety-critical systems.

Arguably, no industry is as highly regulated as the nuclear sector and there is none where mission-critical safety systems are more important. Omniflex’s range of alarm annunciators are the world’s first to be substantiated by EMPHASIS for use in SIL applications in the nuclear industry and it is now the standard approved supplier of SIL-rated alarm annunciators for the UK’s nuclear industry.

To find out more about updating your alarm annunciators and safety-critical alarms, contact Omniflex on 0161 491 4144 or visit the website to book your free site survey today.

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