DMS – Winner of the 2019 Honeywell Channel Partner of the Year award for Northern Europe

DMS Metering Solutions are proud to have been honoured with the prestigious Honeywell 2019 Channel Partner of the Year award for Northern Europe. DMS have a long-standing business relationship with Honeywell, dating back over 20 years, covering multiple product ranges and solutions from Honeywell’s extensive portfolio.DMS’s unique combination of applicational knowledge, a Nationwide stock-based distribution capability and both remote and onsite technical support, training and commissioning services have been instrumental in developing this relationship. DMS are an independent supplier of Gas, Heat, Water & Specialist Metering and Control solutions, principally operating within the Building Services, Utility, Sub Distribution and OEM /Renewables market sectors, with a proven track record for excellent customer service and support spanning over 20 years.
Honeywell’s impressive product portfolio incorporates several historically well-known trading names, including Elster, Jeavons, Instromet, Kent Meters and Bryan Donkin, with all of these product ranges being available from and supported by DMS in the UK.


Honeywell BK-G Diaphragm Gas Meter Range
Honeywell’s world-renowned BK-G range of Diaphragm Gas Meters scale from the domestic sized BK-G4 right up to the industrial size 100mm BK-G100. Favoured by the majority of UK Utility Companies, and equally suitable for sub metering application. The BK-G range is MID approved and is available with a number of display and output options, including pulse, M-Bus, Encoder and DLMS NB-IoT remote communication. The themislog combines Honeywell’s world renowned range of commercial and industrial diaphragm gas meters with a new smart electronic index, with integrated data logging functionality, which goes well beyond simple remote reading

Honeywell Gas Turbine Meters
The Honeywell QA range of Turbine Gas Meters are a popular choice for both sub metering and industry applications. Suitable for Methane, Town gas, Natural gas, Air and Inert gases, the QA range covers sizes from 25mm to 150mm, with multiple output options including low frequency pulse, absolute encoder and M-Bus.

Honeywell Rabo Rotary Gas Meters
Honeywell’s Rabo Rotary Gas Meters offer robust and accurate measurement instruments for gas distribution companies. With MID approval and an impressive size range from the 32mm G16 to the 150mm G400, the Rabo caters for both Utility and sub metering application, aided by multiple output options, including low frequency pulse, absolute encoder and M-Bus.

Honeywell Gas Regulators & Safety Devices
Honeywell’s Gas Pressure Regulators meet the highest requirements for quality and capability. A comprehensive range of gas pressure regulators from low pressure PN 0.1 up to high pressure PN 100/ANSI 600 is available. The applications range from low-capacity residential use for individual households, commercial and industrial uses up to the field of gas transmission where it is necessary to control high flow capacities.

Honeywell Bryan Donkin Gas Regulators & Safety Devices
The UK gas industry has long identified the advantages of specifying Honeywell Bryan Donkin as their standard for gas control equipment, guaranteeing long lasting reliability, quality and service. The comprehensive product line includes, Gas Pressure Regulators, Filters, Safety cut- off Valves, Relief Valves, Non-Return Valves, Ancillary Control equipment and product spares.

Other Honeywell products available from DMS
• Honeywell Water & Electricity Meters
• Q-Sonic Ultrasonic Gas Meters
• Gas Data Loggers & Correctors
• Fiscal Turbine Gas Meters
• Flow Computers

Honeywell Production Capability Improvements
Much has changed in the past few years since Honeywell’s acquisition of the Elster Group, and the closure of the Bryan Donkin’s production facility within the UK. During that time Honeywell have invested significantly in aligning its global manufacturing footprint, and improving its production capabilities, both in terms of capacity
and lead times.Within Honeywell’s facilities in Kassel, Mainz and Osnabruck in Germany, and Stara Tura in Slovakia, Honeywell’s extensive operations team have been implementing
continuous improvement optimization methods, including lean flow of materials and Six Sigma, to maximise increased production flexibility to support customer expectations for scalability and delivery.
Additionally, consistent research and development investment continues to achieve crucial advances in gas metering, pressure control and safety engineering, the success
of which is demonstrated by the extensive portfolio of patented products available.