Standard and Custom Photodiodes and Photodiode Arrays from Advanced Photonix 

Advanced Photonix is a leading manufacturer of custom photodiodes, photodiode arrays and related sub-systems, with more than 30 years’ experience. They offer comprehensive engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities to create bespoke detector solutions for almost any application, from simple light detection, through spectroscopy to complex guidance systems.  

Advanced Photonix also offers a wide range of standard photodiode and photodiode array products including detectors optimised for different wavelengths (X-ray to NIR), speed and detection area. Extensive packaging options are available including ceramic mount, TO can, compact plastic, and small footprint packages as well as packages with integrated optical filters. Hybrid detectors can also be supplied with the photodiode amplifier integrated into the package for a compact and high performance detector solution. 

LASER COMPONENTS is the official distributor for Advanced Photonix in the UK. If you have a light detection requirement, we would be pleased to help find or design the right solution for you.

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