Delta Previews the Energy-Efficient Solutions for Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Buildings at Hannover Messe 2020

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced today that it will participate in Hannover Messe 2020, hosted between 20 – 24 April. Its stand – located in Hall 11, stand C15 – will showcase its smart manufacturing, energy infrastructure, telecom infrastructure for 5G, and smart building solutions, demonstrating how it is a driving force behind the infrastructure of the future. Delta’s technology leadership plays a key role in enabling organisations to successfully embrace next generation developments, while increasing their energy efficiency and better managing their energy consumption.Visitors to Delta’s stand will be able to view solutions including:

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

With manufacturers under constant pressure to increase energy efficiency and control their engineering costs, Smart Manufacturing can be realized with the correct platform in place. Therefore, one of the highlights on display at the Hannover Messe will be Delta’s integrated engineering software DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite, along with a broad range of advanced automation products. DIAStudio provides an all-in-one platform for selecting models, programming (IEC61131-3 standard), and setting up PLCs, HMIs, drives, and more. This simplifies product selection and the programming processes, and helps to save time and costs for machine makers building their systems.

Energy Infrastructure Solutions

With the growing demand for distributed energy sources and e-mobility solutions nowadays, Delta will demonstrate its broad range of Energy Infrastructure solutions for residential and public applications. For residential applications, Delta will demonstrate its V2X Electric-Vehicle (EV) Charger, which brings Vehicle to Home/Building/Grid and provides bi-directional charge and discharge power conversion for EVs. The 3-phase AC MAX is a 22KW EV charger for the home or business while the H5A FLEX is a 5kVA residential PV inverter. The HEMS (Home Energy Management System) manages all the flows, to optimise energy efficiency while simplifying energy management.

On the public side – and in order to bring EV charging capabilities to public spaces like parking lots, service stations and charging networks across cities without creating a massive impact to the grid – the company will show its 200kW Ultra Fast Charger. It will also show its M30A PV inverter, its scalable PCS100 power conditioning system and its SMS site management system. These demonstrate how its fast charging solutions – combined with power conditioning and energy storage systems – enables users and charging point operators to allocate power flexibly while stabilising the grid.

Telecom Infrastructure Solutions for 5G
With 5G deployments set to increase further in 2020, Delta’s presence in the telecom world is helping to power up the rollout of 5G. One such solution is the demonstration of the Telecom Base Station, showcasing, among other things, an OutD cabinet, the Small Cell OutD and the Golden Eagle I & II series standalone rectifiers. All can be used in a wide range of outdoor environments, while delivering a very high efficient performance, which helps to reduce the telecom network’s carbon footprint. Delta also demonstrates the hybrid power solutions for upgrading Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), providing energy savings solutions for a renewable energy future.

Smart Building Solutions
Delta’s Data-Driven Facility Management Platform is an IoT-based Building Management Platform that facilitates the easy management of green buildings with smart and eco-friendly HVAC, lighting, elevators, and surveillance equipment. Designed to simplify the use of applications critical to building automation and the management of multiple platforms and building automation solutions, it is viewed through a customisable dashboard. Providing an easy-to-use interface, users can switch between views that show critical information, including a predictive maintenance display. This insight ensures building efficiency and consistency, to help deliver optimal performance all year round. It can also generate energy use and analysis reports to help factories to meet either their own internal or regulatory environmental goals, while smart access management and equipment monitoring views provide real time updates on device status.

All of the solutions from Delta can be seen at the Hannover Messe 2020, held from 20 – 24 April. Delta is located in Hall 11, Stand C15. Journalists are invited to attend our press conference, which is being hosted on 21 April from 13:30-14:30 at Delta’s stand.