Glasgow-based Rainbow Technology Systems has established what is believed to be one of the UK’s leading centres of excellence in applied chemistry solutions.Its product development programme is focused on providing the best solutions for customer needs and the products they will need for the future.  Current projects include peelable protective coatings, conductive chemistry and pressure sensitive inks focused on a number of industry sectors including electronics, construction and glass applications.  A particular focus is additive chemistry for ultra-fine line circuitry and the advancement of UV technology to accelerate productivity in the curing process.

David Westwood, sales and marketing manager at Rainbow said: “In all areas UV chemistry is expected to grow, with processes such as those which require UV LED cure, inkjet and 3D printing likely to have the most rapid growth.  At our heart is innovation and technical expertise and we have a constant stream of customers visiting our head office in Glasgow to discuss their problems and how our chemistry expertise could help solve them.  We offer the opportunity to enter this expanding UV market without the need for the customer to purchase expensive equipment or take on staff, as we have a fully equipped chemistry lab on site to carry out feasibility studies.”

He added: ” With a growing emphasis on environmental issues UV provides a green and cost-effective alternative to many traditional materials and methodologies and we believe it is an industry sector which has a bright future.”

For further information about Rainbow Technology Systems please visit  www.rainbow-technology.com