When manufacturing processes cannot be automated and products go uninspected for whatever reason, manufacturers open themselves up to product recalls, inefficiencies, rework, and other negative business outcomes.

The latest Cognex vision system In-Sight D900 now expands the types of inline inspections customers can automate and scale.

The In-Sight D900 is the first vision system with embedded deep learning inspection capabilities allowing non-programmers to benefit from the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). It solves most challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications without the need for a PC during deployment. The In-Sight D900’s combination of power, accessibility, and ease of use will help manufacturers across diverse industries inspect the previously uninspectable, while delivering fast, consistent, and accurate results.

Applications are easy to build and deploy

The In-Sight ViDi deep learning software takes advantage of the intuitive In-Sight spreadsheet interface, to quickly set up and run deep learning applications without programming. This interface simplifies application development and streamlines factory integration with a full I/O and communications function set. It also allows users to combine traditional powerful Cognex rule-based vision tools and deep learning tools in the same job. Training can be done quickly and with a relativley small set of images.

Deep learning is embedded on a powerful smart camera vision system

Until now, the use of deep learning for factory automation inspections required deep learning software, running on a PC and connected to a GigE camera, adding to the level of complexity to bring a deep learning solution to the line.
By contrast, once an application is created and the deep learning model is trained it gets deployed to the In-Sight D900 right on the line without a PC. And, like other In-Sight vision systems, it can be customized to match exact application requirements.

Automate and scale the most challenging inline inspections

The In-Sight D900 vision system with In-Sight ViDi software addresses three specific applications: defect detection, challenging OCR, and assembly verification, with three new inspection tools to solve a wide range of applications.


In-Sight D900 is a powerfully smart vision system capable of running deep learning inspections right on the line without a PC. For too long, deep learning has been the provenance of academic theory and big tech companies. Now, though, automation engineers and quality managers can leverage its power right on the factory floor.

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