Process Equipment – Making the Right Connection

The demands on modern manufacturing mean that processing equipment in all industries is required to tackle more and more challenging conditions in moving fluids and materials efficiently; when it comes to transferring and handling fluids via hoses and piping, the ability to ensure optimised flow and prevent any accidental release of the product is an increasingly important consideration.

It is particularly significant when, with frequent connections and disconnections, fittings become damaged which could lead to uncontrolled spills, the loss of valuable media, or contamination of the media which can prove costly in production downtime and possibly cause risk to health and the environment. .

Finding the most effective fluid transfer solutions can have many benefits for maximising return on investment by improving best practice thus increasing production efficiencies, reducing man-hour maintenance costs, preventing accidents, and avoiding downtime.

Dixon Group a manufacturer and supplier of material transfer products across a wide range of markets has valuable experience and built a credible reputation for over 100 years, demonstrating that it is a responsible manufacturer producing and supplying safe, reliable, and long-lasting products. An ethos of open communication with customers and partners enables Dixon to develop innovative solutions to the daily challenges industry faces.

A vast portfolio of hoses, fittings and accessories is available including many innovative designs and industry leading developments. Examples include;

  • Breakaway check valves to prevent product loss in driveaway situations,
  • Specialist Cam and Groove fittings for venting pressure before disconnect, or armless versions for use where space is a factor.
  • Connect under pressure Quick release fittings.
  • Specialist hose configurations such as internal swaged, bespoke ball joint armour, heat traced and duplex hose assemblies.
  • These unique products are further enhanced by Dixon’s in-house custom-built fabrication and design capabilities.

Dixon’s technical team can offer site surveys or remote consultations to discuss any requirements; from specifying correct hose assembly and piping configurations to providing new methods of providing ‘the right connection’.

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