SuperCORR A multitasking lubricant and corrosion protection spray solving problems across industry.

Originally developed for the U.S. Air Force to comply with MIL L-87177A, as a water displacing lubricant, corrosion protective to prevent avionic as well as electrical and electronic components and systems failures caused by corrosion SuperCORR A  aerosols, supplied by EnviroTech Europe, are now the industry standard for in service maintenance by military and commercial airlines and MRO facilities worldwide.

SuperCORR A is a unique formulation with a long-lasting, anti-corrosion inhibitors and components providing a superior lubrication coefficient and protection against moisture, wear, general and fretting corrosion, static electricity, corona, and other electro migration problems. The non-flammable lubricant film is only 7 microns (0.0007 inch) thick and is formulated without sulphates, chlorides or halogens to meet the EU RoHS directive. It is unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination of all electronic equipment and metal components surfaces.

SuperCORR A is very effective at preventing corrosion of electronic and electrical equipment   in demanding work environments, e.g. aerospace, rail  and road transport, marine, oil and gas industries, waste water treatment plants, electrical power facilities, paper and pulp mills, and other environments where corrosive gases such as salt laden air or hydrogen sulphide are present.

A major aerospace and turbine manufacturer are currently completing trials with SuperCORR A to protect parts in transit and storage worldwide under variable temperature and humidity conditions, to prevent corrosion during long term storage and transportation. The protective film is self-sealing during movement and handling and can be removed before use if necessary.

SuperCORR A is used for routine lubrication and anticorrosion maintenance in the harsh conditions experienced at sea. The aerosol cans make access to engine parts easy for the engineering crew in difficult locations and conditions. Unpainted mild steel will not rust on exterior surfaces directly exposed to sea water spray for at least 6 months protecting electrical connectors, switches, chains, drive shafts from corrosion while maintaining lubrication on moving surfaces.

In another interesting application SuperCORR A protects the metal edges of the composite blades on wind turbines. These are subject to continuous corrosive effects of wind, rain and salt laden sea spray which erodes and corrodes the metal. The protective film produced by SuperCORR A is impervious to water while lubricating the airflow across the blade edges and preventing corrosion of the metal.

Critical fall arrest  equipment is used on wind turbines and other tall structures where engineers are working at great height and exposure to high winds, Corrosion in the bearings, chains, clutches and wires used in the arrester mechanisms can lead to failure and potentially serious injury or loss of life. SuperCORR A protects against corrosion in these safety critical components.

Portable diesel and LP generators are widely used in construction, oil, gas and mineral extraction industries and aircraft servicing often in remote, hostile environments connecting and disconnecting supply cables, often many times a day. Seals prevent water, sand or dust entering connectors, but the flexing of the cables allows sufficient movement between the metal surfaces of the connector pins to produce fretting corrosion. A simple spray between connections ejects water and particulates and protects and lubricates the contacts improving reliability of supply.

Building and construction industries offer other unusual uses for SuperCORR A. Unpainted hatches, grilles, and window furniture are galvanised if manufactured in steel and anodised if aluminium or a zinc alloy. Once installed exposure to wind and especially acidic rain dulls surfaces and produces unsightly white surface corrosion. An onsite spray with SuperCORR A on completion of the installation protects the surfaces with an invisible film.

In all forms of transportation from Amtrak trains, lightweight rail systems and for protection of equipment and services for underground tunnels and systems. Trucks to motorsport, electric cars and emergency vehicles SuperCORR A is used for protection and lubrication of connectors, electrical systems and switches and mechanical controls during servicing. The ability to displace water from exposed contacts can ensure reliable operation in extreme conditions all in one small aerosol can.

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