Custom Built Vacuum Cleaners for Industrial Applications.

Sometimes an “off the shelf” vacuum cleaner solution just doesn’t offer the correct combination of collection and filtration required for a particular process. This is where Quirepace, and the BVC branded range of British made vacuum cleaners can often solve a problem that is otherwise challenging.

An example is the self-contained vacuum module Quirepace recently designed for a particular customer who had a problem handling swarf created during the process of machining resins and plastics. The customer required a powerful unit that could service two machines simultaneously, and had the capability to handle both the larger and finer waste particles created by the process.

The solution, in this case, combined a continuously rated multistage vacuum pump with a 2 stage collection and filtration system. The first stage being a cyclone which separated the heavier and larger particles and discharged into a plastic bag, kept open by a vacuum-balance arrangement. Bagged recovery of the larger particles enabled easy handling and re-processing. The second stage was a combined cloth and paper filter unit to collect finer particles, again with an easy to empty collection tank. The second stage filtration both containing the dust and protecting the pump module.

The whole unit was contained within an acoustic enclosure supplied in coordinated colours to the main plant, creating a vacuum collection module which fully met the customer requirements.

Another example of a customized solution was created for an automotive manufacturer wishing to integrate heavy duty vacuum cleaner equipment with both industrial robots and the production control system in a package capable of continuous operation on a busy production line. Quirepace suitably modified a number of Ti80 heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners with PLC interfaces and additional sensors to allow the industrial robots to control and manipulate the individual cleaning heads under the command of the production line control system.

The “British Vacuum Cleaner” BVC brand of British built Industrial Vacuum Cleaners from Quirepace is in continual demand from diverse engineering and industrial customers requiring solutions which are often not found within standard product ranges.

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