TR responds to application challenges within the sheet metal industries

There is a wide variety of applications within the sheet metal industries and various challenges are presented when supplying into each of these. As a major supplier to the sheet metal, electronics and HVAC sectors, TR Fastenings has ensured it has robust business processes and technical expertise in place for large OEM’s and SME’s.

Selecting and installing the correct fasteners for sheet metal is one of many application challenges and every industry has specific needs in both product and quality requirements. Faced with increasing environmental responsibilities and unprecedented technological change, manufacturers and contractors are challenging for higher quality and smarter, application-based sheet metal fastening solutions.

TR can successfully fulfil these demands through the extent of its portfolio and high volume stock availability, flexibility in service and scope of its quality certification. Whether a customer is looking to press, rivet or weld during manufacturing assembly processes, TR can also provide application advice and guidance from on-site engineers, including research, technical and fastener testing capabilities across a range of categories, including mechanical, dimensional, installation, plating and finishes.

With a global network of manufacturing and distribution sites ensuring flexible lead times and quick turnaround, TR is recognised throughout the sheet metal industry for world-class products and services. TR produces approximately 8 billion parts per annum across 8 manufacturing sites, spanning two continents, and has over 100,000 stocked items available. Offering reliable global logistics, TR’s strategic warehousing guarantees prompt delivery.

Adapting to change in the current technologically fast-paced environment is essential and with quality application engineers based at most TR sites, fast communication enables faster advice and solutions. TR’s global technical team is able to respond to requirements for smaller, lighter and more flexible product solutions, assist in troubleshooting and in the specifications for bespoke orders.

Communication, flexibility, engineering expertise and problem solving are fundamental to the service TR provides to more than 5000 companies worldwide.

Steve Wallis, Sales Office Manager at TR Fastenings, said: “The latest technical animations on our website highlight the key features and benefits of the products in a way that is easy to understand. With our in-house quality and application engineers, and knowledgeable sales teams we can provide a bespoke service and a sheet metal fastening to suit just about any application.”


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