Maximum Cut Protection Glove with A Revolutionary Coating.

The CT1065ST is the ultimate cut protection glove.  It offers a unique mix of protective properties and technology which is way ahead of other gloves in this arena.

Maximum Cut Protection

CT1065ST achieves cut level ‘F’ in the EN388:2016 test, this is the highest possible rating and qualifies the glove for use in high cut-risk environments.

Featherweight, Breathable and Highly Dexterous

Manufactured on 18- gauge needles, the high stitch intensity produces feather-light fabric.  The yarn is ultra-fine so the finished glove is light yet, due to the stitch intensity it’s also extremely strong.  Fine construction makes for a comfortable, fit, great dexterity and reduced fatigue.

PURATEC | Revolutionary New Coating

Water-based for purity

A Water-based coating, completely free from DMF and silicon. This means zero skin irritation and zero odour.  Safe dyes guarantee no migration of pigment onto the skin or any other contact surface.  It’s also non-allergenic.

No risk of silicone erosion

Silicone is common in glove dips; it atomizes in the air and deposits on surfaces.  This can cause erosion which is detrimental in industrial environments.  With PURATEC there’s no silicon so no deposits and no erosion.

All round good grip

The feel and appearance of the coating is smooth yet grip is extremely strong.  You’ll get a strong hold on a dry object or surface and you can also securely grip anything wet or slightly oily.  PURATEC is tested against nitrile foam coatings and proves to be superior for grip.

Flexibility and comfort

The incredible flexibility of PURATEC means the glove perfectly follows the contours of your hand.  It has material memory so when stretched, it returns to the correct fit.  With large or small hands, once you have the correct glove size, the comfort is exceptional.


No need to remove CT1065ST to operate touch-screen machinery or tech.  The smooth coating acts like a second skin. Its a great time saving and convenience factor.

Extra Protection where it’s most needed

CT1065ST has reinforcement between thumb and forefinger; this area is highly vulnerable to injury.  Reinforcement enables the wearer to grip with confidence knowing that extra protection is there.

Find out more

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