A clean connection for the food and beverage industry

The newest addition to the HARTING Han® portfolio is the Han® F+B, a range of connectors which have been specially designed for the requirements of the food processing, bottling and packaging industries. Within these sectors, hygiene and safety are key considerations, meaning machines and equipment must be both easy to clean and designed so dirt […]

ACS Motion Control launches new website

ACS is excited to announce the launch of its new website for OEM system designers who need high-performance motion control capabilities. The new site makes it easier to find the right combination of motion controllers, servo drives and software tools that will enhance the performance of your precision machine design.

Preassembled Power Connectors

Bringing power to your installation has never been easier! Automation and equipment need a lot of power. As installation concepts become more sophisticated, the number of field devices is increasing, and components such as IO modules, sensors, drives, cameras & lighting are being used everywhere. The influences of Industry 4.0 and IIoT are leading to […]

The Importance of Accurate Temperature Measurement for Industrial Processes

Advanced Energy owns 100+ infrared pyrometers for exact non-contact temperature measurement Pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to exactly determine the temperature without making contact with the process or surface being measured. In many industry sectors, the use of non-contact temperature […]

Custom Optical Systems for Space Projects

Many different types of optical imaging and sensing systems are today used to observe and measure the Earth and the universe at large. Drawing upon approaching 30 years expertise in designing radiation resistant optics for satellites and spacecraft, Resolve Optics is today a leading supplier of optical components and systems for this harsh remote environment.

Application Optimised Flow Meters

Titan Enterprises is a respected international supplier of applications optimised flow meters designed and manufactured under Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement. Drawing upon decades of experience – Titan Enterprises has developed a comprehensive range of standard oval gear, turbine and ultrasonic flow meters and instruments. However, when your requirements cannot be adequately met by a standard solution, Titan […]

Flow Monitoring in Explosive Atmosphere    

Titan Enterprises offers special options for its Oval Gear flow meters to ensure safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres such as are often encountered in the petrochemical industry. Based upon a proprietary oval gear design, Titan OG Series flow meters are designed to give reliable, high performance across a wide range of applications. Unlike other […]

Radiation Resistant Zoom Lenses

Resolve Optics has developed a range of non-browning (radiation resistant) zoom lenses for use in environments subject to radiation. As the market leader in radiation resistant optical systems – all lenses are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance and are designed to withstand a total radiation dose of 100 million radians and […]

SICK Launches its IntegrationSpace Digital Services Platform

SICK has established a new web-based platform, SICK IntegrationSpace, to be the home for its growing data-based digital software and services portfolio.  Seen as a key strategic development for the company, its aim is to align the operating efficiency goals of its customers in automated factory, process and logistics with enterprise-wide business improvement systems. As […]

Piping and Equipment Analysis Software for Every Engineer and Designer

The PASS Suite offers smart, easy-to-use analysis, simulation, and code compliant sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer enabling new users to perform piping and related equipment analysis in days rather than months.  By embedding its experience from many engineering projects into the PASS software tools and combining this embedded intelligence with powerful capabilities […]