Piping and Equipment Analysis Software for Every Engineer and Designer

The PASS Suite offers smart, easy-to-use analysis, simulation, and code compliant sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer enabling new users to perform piping and related equipment analysis in days rather than months.  By embedding its experience from many engineering projects into the PASS software tools and combining this embedded intelligence with powerful capabilities and unsurpassed usability, PSRE makes piping and equipment analysis practical for every engineer and designer while reducing the time, effort, and cost to perform the analysis.

PASS Suite Overview

The PASS Suite is in active use by thousands of engineers at more than 2000 customers around the world for efficient analysis and design of process piping and plant utilities, district heat transfer, water and gas networks, oil and gas field gathering piping systems, and other types of pipelines.  The PASS Software Suite covers all main aspects of pipeline analysis and is organized into product families to meet the broad range of piping systems analysis and design requirements.

PASS/HYDROSYSTEM provides diameter selection, heat and hydraulic analysis of steady state and transient flow in piping systems of any complexity, including networks with loops, liquid surge (water-hammer) analysis and flow assurance analysis.

PASS/EQUIP provides strength and stability finite element analysis using for horizontal and vertical vessels, columns, storage tanks, as well as shell, tube, and air-cooled heat exchangers under static and seismic loads in order to evaluate bearing strength.

PASS/START-PROF provides comprehensive pipe stress, flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength analysis with related sizing calculations according to the most common codes and standards.

PASS/INDUSTRY provides comprehensive piping and equipment analysis with related sizing calculations for specific industry sectors according to international and national codes and standards. PASS/INDUSTRY combines the ease of use and extensive analysis capabilities of PASS/START-PROF, PASS/ HYDROSYSTEM, and PASS/EQUIP in an organized manner to address the specific simulation requirements for Process Plants, Piping systems, and District Heating.

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