Guaranteed lead generation for your business

In our Covid19-impacted world, many engineering and manufacturing companies are slowly returning to a new normal and developing strategies that will work for them in the short to medium term.

As part of this process, you need a marketing strategy that will take advantage of what you can do right now, to promote your business and generate leads for your sales pipeline.

Working with a specialist marketing agency to develop that strategy is not a new concept.

However, at The Collective, we have taken everything we have learnt over 10+ years of working with B2B companies and developed the GrowthEngineTM philosophy, that will deliver sales leads to your door and raises your company profile in your key market sectors.

Your marketing partner

Flexibility, cost effectiveness and transparency are all key factors when determining your marketing partner. How often do you need to change direction to react to unforeseen events? How many times do you get caught out by those extra costs that are an inevitable result of larger marketing projects?

GrowthEngineTM tackles each of these head-on and provides a unique solution, that allows companies to monitor their ROI and follow a clear marketing plan with bespoke goals that apply specifically to their business.

So how does it work?

GrowthEngineTM is dedicated to your business – so everything is tailored to helping you to grow. In practical terms, we provide marketing support via a support package, over the course of 12 months. To determine exactly what type of marketing is required, we produce a growth plan for you, that identifies your marketing objectives and a series of key messages to be used in your marketing material.

Why is this different?

The unique differentiator for our packages is that they consist of credits rather than a monetary value. So you receive an allocation of credits at the start of the contract and you have the flexibility to decide how and where those credits are spent. This ensures you know exactly what you are getting, and can, if necessary, pivot your marketing to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

In addition, because the cost is spread across 12 months, GrowthEngineTM is an extremely cost-effective route to receiving professional marketing support.

What do we do?

For over 10 years, The Collective has been providing B2B engineering companies with a whole suite of marketing support, including video and media production, website design and build, other design services and content marketing, including all digital marketing.

Contact us today to see how GrowthEngineTM can transform your business.

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