Introducing CWM Automation’s Latest Innovation: CWM 240i

This month marks one year since CWM Automation unveiled their latest innovation: the CWM 240i, at the 2019 PPMA Show. Designed to provide you with a more efficient pot filling and sealing solution, the 240i allows for significantly higher speeds and up to 30% more control than a traditional inline machine, combined with the flexibility of a rotary.

Incorporating Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK independent cart technology, the CWM 240i provides continuous motion and dwelling on the same frame bed. This eliminates the need for traditional chains and sprockets, which can experience frequent wear and tear and, in turn, high maintenance costs. As opposed to traditional conveyer systems, the CWM 240i has only got 14 platens in groups of 2. These platens are quick release, allowing for swift product changeovers and use of a number of different packaging formats on one machine.

Increased speeds on the CWM 240i mean you can expect higher throughputs. In fact, the 240i provides a 75% rise in product throughput versus a linear machine, delivering you a financial payback up to 23% quicker. While the 240i’s footprint is considerably smaller than a standard linear machine, the output capacity is much greater. On a four-lane machine, the 240i can fill up to 240 pots per minute.

Connectivity is another noteworthy element of the CWM 240i: it is fully networked, which means that real-time operational information can be shared with your ERP systems. Each individual slat movement can be recorded for data analysis, giving you a full insight into how effectively your machine is operating. This connectivity also enables CWM to deliver remote maintenance and real-time diagnostics, minimising the risk of any costly down-time.

Through combining CWM Automation’s vast design capabilities and Rockwell Automation’s technological expertise, CWM have created a revolutionary piece of equipment which boasts speed, flexibility, reduced footprint and 3A hygiene standards.

CWM Automation are specialists in providing customers with a wide range of filling, heat sealing and lidding machinery, as well as fully automatic end of line solutions. Catering for applications in the dairy, convenience foods, bakery, pharmaceutical and many other industries, CWM are also able to offer bespoke solutions that meet exact customer requirements.

If you would like to learn more about what CWM Automation can offer your business, then give their experienced sales team a call on 01427 614 222 or email [email protected].