V-817 linear stages deliver cost-effective precision automation for industrial applications

Physik Instrumente (PI) has launched the V-817 high load linear stage series for the semiconductor, electronics and laser industries, setting a new standard of price-to-performance for highly dynamic and precise processing, testing and inspection tasks. These stages are suitable for applications such as sensor and camera positioning, laser welding, and optical and tactile testing, as well as wafer processing and inspection.

PI’s high performance, cost-effective V-817 linear stages are ideal for precision industrial automation. The space-saving, flat design allows them to be integrated into compact machine assemblies as single axes or XY structures.

The V-817 linear stages are specifically designed for applications with high operating cycles, offering constant loads up to 600 N, high accelerations and velocities up to 3,000 mm/s. Friction-free, three-phase magnetic direct drives use no mechanical components in the drivetrain, instead transmitting the drive force is transmitted directly to the motion platform. These ironless motors are particularly suited for highly demanding positioning tasks requiring exceptional precision, as they do not give rise to undesirable interactions with the permanent magnets, ensuring smooth running even at the slowest velocities, and eliminating vibration at high velocities. Incremental linear encoders offer a resolution down to 0.3 nm, for high path accuracy, minimum tracking errors and short settling times. The calibrated positioning accuracy of the linear stages is up to ±2.5 µm, and the travel range extends to 813 mm.

When easy machine integration and flexibility are required, the V-817 product range is the answer. These flat linear stages are only 63 mm in height, minimizing moving mass and tilting errors, and enabling easy integration in compact machine assemblies. An optional motion platform, with a triple M6 hole pattern, allows the axes to be used individually, or two stages can easily be combined to create XY assemblies for multi-axis applications. The V-817 linear stages are suitable for use in clean working environments, as their movement does not loosen any particles. They can be easily and quickly aligned during installation, thanks to a specially-formed edge with a parallelism better than 30 μm to the guides or direction of motion. Industry-compatible connectors with a high degree of ingress protection offer secure connectivity.

The V-817 linear stages can be controlled by PI’s G-901 electronics solution, which combines an ACS Motion Controller and drivers for up to four axes, as well as an integrated STO (Safe-Torque-Off) module. Alternatively, individual ACS drivers – such as udmHP/BA, udmPM or udmPA – can be combined with the ACS Motion Controller for single and multi-axis applications.

For more information about the V-817 series, visit https://www.physikinstrumente.co.uk/en/products/linear-stages/stages-with-pimag-magnetic-direct-drive-linear-motor/v-817-high-load-linear-stage-412418502